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Do you already love it?

We all have something we know we love and we go back and buy it over and over again. Yes we sometimes try others but we always return to what we know and love.

It can be your favourite chocolate bar, your favourite take away treat, your favourite tipple.
When we find something we like, it makes us feel good and gives us a sense of satisfaction. The sense of achievement and excitement it’s beyond words. It’s a feeling of warmth in your tummy and an over whelming feeling of joy.

The next time you have your new found love, you relive that first time. It’s a familiar feeling, it makes you feel safe, confident and happy.

We are creatures of habit and why not with clothes?

If you have spent hours visiting different shops, spent hours searching the internet and even more hours trying on. And then some more hours at customer services or in post office queues, returning ones that aren’t right, for what ever reason.

Then why when you find the one you love and feel and look fabulous wearing it. Why not keep buying the same or similar style of dress, top or skirt in a different prints or no print.

You will always know when you wear any of them, you will look amazing as you know it flatters your amazing figure, you feel comfortable, feel confident, and look fabulous.

You wouldn’t order a meal you won’t eat or a drink you don’t like the taste of just because you always have the same, so why wear clothes that you don’t love.

Try others yes but there’s no greater love than you favourite.

Stay Fabulous,