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Where did it all begin…. I was introduced to the rock and roll music of the 1950’s when I met my partner 20 years ago. He loved the music so the first chance he got, he took me to see a live band performing some of the 50’s hits, I loved it! But it wasn’t just the feel good music that was playing, it was the lovely people who were there to watch and support the band I fell in love with. We were welcomed with open arms into the rock and roll community. I was mesmerised by the way the dance floor was full all night with amazing dancers of all ages. And WOW the clothes they were wearing! I loved the way all the ladies looked so fabulous and the dresses were so gorgeous. This began my love of the 1950’s style.

Over the years we have gone to rock and roll weekend events, all day events and the monthly events in and around the Stockport/Manchester area. It was at a weekend event a chance conversation with friends that a seed was sown about having my own shop. The dresses I had taken that weekend were from a shop in London that I frequented regularly, one friend remarked that she would struggle to get to London so a shop nearer home would be perfect. We had all had bad experiences of buying online. Idea was laughed off as impossible I was working full time and had no plans to change career, I had a job I loved and thought I would be there till I retired.
Fast forward 3 years I was pregnant and excited about being a mum, I planned to return to work and the little one would come with us on our rock and roll weekends, sorted. However it became clear I would be unable to return to my job.

Self employment was the only option, choose my own hours, work on my own terms, work around the other halves silly shift patterns, have time off when little one was ill. Perfect solution….. but what to do? Light bulb moment, the conversation with friends 4 years before. Open my own shop…

My friend had just opened The Small Business Emporium, small businesses rent a space to showcase there products and/or services. It is a low risk option as you are able to test the market on flexible terms. There was an opening for a clothing range… The idea was brought to life. I could chose the hours I worked. I could still be a mummy and I could indulge in my passion for everything 50’s, I could cherry pick, so to speak, from all the gorgeous clothing brands and share the love of the styling, the fit and the way a beautiful dress can lift your spirits and put a smile on your face.



So in April 2017 Cherry Girl’s Wardrobe was born. Quite quickly I began to out grow the emporium and it was time to find my own permanent premises. I am born and raised in Stockport so it was only natural to look within the town I loved. There are lot’s of changes going on in Stockport, all for the good, and I wanted to be in the heart of the excitement and in December 2017 I moved to 34 Little Underbank in the heart of the old town.

Having just celebrating my 1st birthday as business owner I’m excited to see where the next 12 months take me.

Pop in and say hello, you are most welcome.
Donna xx


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