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Finding the right dress and kissing Frogs!…..

Urhh!! I hear you say, what has frogs got to do with clothing, well…. It was a phrase I said not long after opening the shop in Stockport, to a lady who came in looking for a dress for her birthday.

She tried on every dress in the shop I had and loved everything, but she could only wear one for her birthday.We wittled it down to her 3 favorites and she still couldn’t decide, we took photo’s of her in each dress and sent them to various family members for there opinion, it was a tense time waiting for the replies. Which will gain most votes and become THE birthday dress. As we were going through choosing dresses were being handed back and forth through the curtain of the changing room. I remarked it was like kissing frogs, just like the princess in the story who had to kiss (try on!) lots of frogs (outfits) to find the prince (THE dress).

The phrase has stuck and become almost a bit of a catch phrase but it is TRUE. To find your perfect dress or life partner, for that matter, you do have to weed out the ones you don’t like.

The ones you just don’t like the look of, the short ones, the ones that are too revealing, one that are too fussy, ones that are too tight, the ones that are too long, oh ok that last one can only refer to clothing but you get the idea.

You then start to look at the good points, it’s similar to what you had in mind, you like the style, it looks fun, it will complement the occasion, it’s similar to what you already like, you like the feel of the fabric. It has colours you are drawn to. Have a look at your wardrobe is there a common colour theme?

You then can move on to stage 2…. Getting physical…. ooh err!    Getting dressed should be a multi sensory experience, not just for making you look good you should feel great too. Trying on any item of clothing is important. It’s a feeling the clothes gives you when you put them on. It’s not just a way to look nice or to cover up, coz while public nudity isn’t illegal, it’s not something we all would choose to do or see.

I love wearing a dress, I love the way a dress looks. And as I don’t have to worry about matching a top and bottom I reckon that’s a bonus! I love how I can wear a dress simply with pumps and a cardi and still look good. I love how  jewellery, different shoes, wearing my hair a little different, subtle change to my make up or just a bit of lipstick, red for me every time, can transform a dress and send your confidence sky high. I feel grown up, confident, womanly and a little bit girly, all at the same time. Clothes should make you smile, from the moment you see the colour, when you take it from the rail and you can see the shapes it creates. When you feel the fabric, and feel the quality and know it will feel good against your skin. You see it’s splendour, all be it still on the hanger. You get a little giddy, imagining what will it look like on you, how it will make you feel, how it will show off your personality. How it will make you feel when you are seen in the dress for the first time and the reactions you will receive. All these feelings and thoughts pass through our minds and we should listen to them and go with them.

Dressing should be fun, we do it every day! So next time you want a new dress just think about what makes YOU smile, don’t be disheartened if you don’t find the ONE straight away. Your perfect match could be just one dress away.

Make time for finding your prince and yes if that means kissing lots of frogs then lets have fun doing it..