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A dress is not just for Christmas

When you invest your time to seek out, to try on and then buy your perfect dress that makes you feel fabulous and look amazing. You don’t want to just wear it once. You want that feeling to last and last.

I’m a great believer in wearing clothes for more than one occasion, yeah, we all love a new dress for the ‘Do’, what ever that may be, but does it then just sit in the wardrobe to never get another outing. To be forgotten, unloved and ‘found’ months later, not to fit and then destined for the charity bag. Such a waste of all those amazing feelings of excitement and the rush of love when you first found ‘The one’

I know that we don’t want to be photographed in the same dress at every special occasion we attend, or always wear the go to posh dress. I want to wear all my dresses for all occasions and in all seasons. I want to get up in a morning put on my dress or any anything in my wardrobe actually and feel fabulous and be set for my day. I want to do the school run, do the weekly shop and do that lunchtime zoom meeting, without changing throughout the day. I want to feel comfy, smart/casual and fabulous, without that little feeling of being slightly over dressed while you whizz up and down the aisles in Asda.

I’m not saying don’t buy the dress! Buy the dress for the party, but think carefully about HOW you can wear the dress again or WHERE you can wear it again. Let’s keep that fabulous feeling going long after you have worn it for the first time.

Think about what is important to you and chose it for it’s wearability, I think I just made that word up! If you choose ethically sourced clothing and clothing that has come from sustainable sources. Yes this will initially cost more but in the long run it will save you so much more and you’ll be doing your bit for the planet too.

All clothes, even your new party dress should naturally move down the newness scale, and therefore be able to get multiple wears out of it. That’s got to be good not only for the planet and hubby’s credit card but you will get more chances to look and feel fabulous each and every time you wear it.

So how do you know what will be a keeper? It’s all about mixing and matching what you already own. So before you go looking for the posh dress for the party, have a look over your wardrobe and see what other accessories you have. I don’t just mean jewellery and handbags. I mean jumpers cardigans, petticoats, tights, shoes, not just the heels find the pumps and trainers too. They just all need a quick look at, so you have a recent memory of your wardrobe.

Yes for the main event you will want the biggest fluffiest petticoat, the smartest jacket or bolero, the bling earrings and necklace, the statement hair and accessory. The matching handbag and statement shoes, you know the ones I mean!

But then think about dressing it down. Here’s how..

Take off the petticoat, you will be amazed how that will change the shape and look of the dress.

Swop the heels for pumps.

Swop the stockings for funky fashion tights.

Swop the jacket for a cardigan or cropped jumper it makes the dress look like a skirt.

Change your hair style, if you wear it down tie it up with a head band.

Pop on a head scarf, add a smaller hair flower.

Swop the bling jewellery for chunky beads or a fun novelty necklace.

And the biggest change you can make is your makeup, go for a more natural look, simpler more subtle make up so you don’t have the going out look.

Think about other parties, lunches, family gatherings or other out, out events you are going to and who you are going to meet. We all have different circles of friends, so you CAN wear the same dress, just accessorise it differently. Not only will you feel like your wearing a different dress, it will look like a different dress too.

Equally you can take your favourite dress and glam it up so it becomes your posh dress. I find this particularly useful if I have been invited out after work and I won’t have time for a complete change, I just add my going out accessories, change my make up, add some red lippy and I’m ready to rock (and Roll!)

Some dresses yes, are obviously occasional wear and will always be a cocktail dress, wedding dress or prom dress, but don’t let that stop you thinking when you can wear it again. 1st Anniversary, another award do, future formal work events. And don’t forget there are lot’s of places that you can sell or donate to if you really are going to only wear it once. Gift of a wedding is one that comes to mind to donate your wedding dress.

But for most of us we just want a lovely dress to go to our birthday party or to a family wedding so think about wearing it again and keep the fabulous feeling going, even when you are shopping in Asda.