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Will the 50’s style fit me when I buy online?

Is probably in my top 3 questions I get asked about 50’s style clothing, especially now as everything have to be ordered online.

All of us have now had to turn to the internet to do our retail therapy shopping. And if you’re like me, I always went to a retro shop to see the quality and try on before buying, so I now are a  little scared of buying online. There is SO much choice on the internet, where do I start, who can I trust? Will it fit? Will I like the fabric? Will it cost me more than I wanted to spend? Is the seller legit? SO many questions!

But you take the plunge anyway into the online sea of retro and vintage clothes. You’re scrolling through social media or searching online for wardrobe inspiration, when you see something you love.

It calls to you, YOU NEED IT!

Here comes a bit of research, you’ve checked the reviews, the site may have even been recommended by a friend. You know the site is safe to buy from and from your research you know the quality of clothing is good. 

Now you need to answer your biggest question……. How will you know it will fit you?

You could have read the product reviews, asked a few friends who have that 50’s inspired brand or style,

but how will you REALLY KNOW it will FIT YOU.

Will it have enough coverage for my big bust? Will it be long enough to cover my knees? Will the trousers be too long? Will it be too tight across my wide hips? Will it be too short in the body?

This is the best advice I can give you during this time of lockdown.

YOU NEED A FABRIC (or plastic coated) TAPE MEASURE.  

Where do you get one of them? You can find them in most supermarkets, You will find little sewing kits with little plastic coated tape measures in them, often at the end of the household goods isles in supermarkets where you find things like plates, frying pans, duvet sets, etc.

Don’t go raiding your hubby’s or dads, grandads tool box for the metal retractable tape measure. It’s not flexible enough, and wowzers can those be dangerous when they retract back and the edges can be sharp.

Alternatively you can also use a length of ribbon or string and then measure that against the metal tape, but the most accurate, although not still totally 100% is to buy a fabric or plastic coated tape measure.

Would you like a FREE tape measure and a handy measurement guide. Click this link and I’ll pop one in the post to you.

YES PLEASE Send me a tape measure and guide.

Which measurements to take and how to do it.

Using a tape measure for 50's style fit a 50's fit

Showing how to take a measurement.

My advice is always follow the websites OWN size guide as that should be an accurate measurement of their own items, especially if they design and make the 50’s style clothes themselves.

Garment measurements are usually taken with the garment lay flat, so you will have to double some measurements as you will be measuring all the way round yourself. You need to check the size guide as it will tell you if it has been measured differently.

Use the tape around these points and note the number where the tape meets. Don’t forget to half this number is the size guide has been measured flat.

The 3 main measurements you will need are,

1) Across your bust at it’s fullest.  This is usually across the nipples. Wear your best fitting bra, or the bra you plan to wear under the dress or top. Make sure it is fastened correctly and the straps are adjusted correctly to lift up your boobs. This will ensure you will get the most accurate number, as I assume you would be always wear a bra. 

2) Your natural waist.  This sometimes can be obvious as it’s the narrowest part of your body, but not always. The natural waist is below your rib cage and above your hip bone. Imagine if you put on a pair of elasticated shorts, it’s where they would end up after you have moved around in them.

3) Around your hips at there widest point.  Again this can be obvious, I have really wide hips for my frame so it’s easy for me to see. If not just move the tape up and down over your hips and bum and take the biggest number.

Now you can order 50’s style clothes with more confidence.

PLEASE remember these are ONLY numbers and are going to help you buy clothes that will perfectly show off your shape not cling or feel baggy. You will feel confident that a 50’s style will fit, even before you try them on. Leaving you only to feel comfortable and FABULOUS.

It will also save time, money and a lot of trips to the post office to return clothing that doesn’t fit.

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Would like a FREE tape measure and a handy measurement guide then click this link and I’ll pop one in the post to you.

YES PLEASE Send me a tape measure and guide.

Don’t forget if you have any questions send me a message  or look on my FAQ’s page

Happy online buying,